We design and build disruptive aerospace battery systems.

First ideas and prototyping started in 2021 by Ex-Lilium engineers passionate about batteries and aerospace. In early 2023 the Excellion GmbH was founded to bring the latest innovations in battery cells and systems to the market. Since then we have grown into a multi-national team providing cutting-edge battery solutions to satellite manufacturers and launch service providers.

Meet the team

Jörg-Michael Weber

Co-Founder & CEO

Ex-Lilium / Co-Founder Start-Up

M.Sc. Mechanical Eng. Aerospace

3 patents pending

Johannes Kurtz

Co-Founder & CTO

Ex-Lilium / Ex-BMW

M.Sc. Electrical Eng.

2 patents granted, 3 pending

Linus Grahl

Systems Engineer

Working Student

Oleksandra Derikova

Business Development

Working Student

Kevin Bongers

Electrical Engineer

Working Student

Pirmin Clarkson

Mechanical Engineer

Working Student


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