The MicroEnergy battery series

Modular battery system for Nano- & Micro-Satellites with best-in-class performance,

based on the MicroEnergy BM-72 battery module.

MicroEnergy BM-72 Battery Module

First MicroSat battery with tested ageing quantification

Accelerated-ageing battery test approach enables 2x faster ageing testing. Only 2.5 % capacity fade after 1.2 years (7,000 full orbit cycles) of tests in simulated orbit environment.

Exceptionally light & small

Over 205 Wh/kg gravimetric energy density and 216 Wh in 0.75 U (CubeSat format) volumetric efficiency.

35 % lighter than the average competitor systems.

State-of-the-art battery chemistry

First MicroSat battery employing 21700 cell format battery cells with the latest cell chemistry inside.

Developed with pilot customer & ESA

Optimized for next-generation satellite constellations.

Key Specifications

Cell type

Lithium-ion 21700 cylindrical cells



Voltage nominal (max/min)

14.4V (16V/10V)


72 Wh

Energy Density

205 Wh/kg

Charge power max

60 W

Discharge power max

160 W

Continuous power density

400 W/kg

Peak power density

900 W/kg

Nominal capacity

5 Ah


96.72 x 90.17 x 25 mm³


351 g

Capacity fade

2.5% after 7,000 cycles (approx. 1.2 years of full LEO orbit power cycles, tests ongoing)


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