Ultra-reliable battery systems for aerospace

Excellion is a Munich-based company that develops and produces ultra-reliable battery systems for aerospace applications, focused on satellite and launch vehicles batteries.
Transforming advanced automotive battery technology into space-grade systems, we introduce high-performance and economically efficient solutions to the global space industry.

Our mission

Powering the tracking of

Earth's most critical issues

We have only one planet Earth. Let’s protect it better with the next generation of eyes in the sky.

We build the battery systems for them - with less weight, higher performance and better economics.


MicroEnergy battery series

Modular Nano- (CubeSat) and MicroSatellite battery system with best-in-class performance

First MicroSat battery with extensive tested ageing quantification
Exceptionally light & small:
72 Wh in 351 g (205 Wh/kg), 216 Wh in 3/4 U (CubeSat unit volume).
State-of-the-art battery chemistry
Developed with pilot customer & ESA

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